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Call Flip

Updated: 2/6/2019 1:13 AM

Call Flip lets you send a call from one device to another without interrupting the call. You can only flip a call to other devices assigned to the same extension.

Flip from Mobile App Call Flip

Use one of the following options to flip a call from the Business Cloud Mobile App. Once the call flips, the call on the mobile app ends.

To Physical Phone 
  1. Pick up the handset to your desk phone.
  2. Press *44 to flip the call. 
To Desktop App
  1. Sign in to Desktop App (Online Account).
  2. Click the Call Flip icon.

Flip to Mobile App Call Flip

To continue a call from a desk phone or the Desktop App, open the Business Cloud Mobile App and tap the call flip icon (top right) on the Keypad screen.

Additional Information

If a call is unable to be flipped, one of the following messages plays:

3-Way CallMore than one active call is on the extension, unable to flip call.
On HoldThere is a hold on the active call, unable to flip the call.
On Conference CallWe are unable to flip your call at this time.
Call Being MonitoredThere no active call on the extension, unable to flip the call.

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