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Transfer Phone Numbers

Updated: 10/6/2020 1:39 AM

Vonage is able to transfer most Australian phone numbers. If for any reason, we are unable to transfer your number we will inform you by email.

A Number Porting Authorisation Form (PAF) must be completed to transfer your phone number. The PAF is a legal request to your carrier to release your phone number(s). 

The estimated time it takes to transfer a number depends if the number transfer is considered simple or complex.

Transfer TypeDescriptionEstimated Timeframe
Simple A single number transfer to Vonage from another VoIP provider.5-10 business days
ComplexOne or more phone numbers with attached services, such as Line Hunt.20-45 business day

Transfer Your Phone Number

  1. Confirm your account is active with your current carrier and you have a recent invoice.
  2. Make certain you have the following information for your number transfer request.
    • Current Carrier Details
    • Business name, if applicable
    • Business address
    • Numbers to port
    • Account number 
  3. Complete our online Porting Authority Form

Our onboarding team will work with you to complete the porting process.

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