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Updated: 10/6/2020 1:38 AM

Use your Vonage® Business phone when you’re on the go!

  • Maintain a single business identity in the office and on the road.
  • Call Flip to your desk phone without interrupting your conversation.
  • Make and receive calls using your Vonage phone number through the mobile app.
  • Works over Wi-Fi and on 3G | 4G. If you lose Wi-Fi, your call stays connected using your mobile data connection.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues using group conversations, media sharing and video calls.
  • Play and read Voicemails and manage Voicemail settings.
  • Manage your availability with Call Forwarding and Mute This Device.
  • Import, view and edit business contacts across multiple devices.
  • Ask for help and share your feedback.
  • Text message* with other in-app users within your account.

*SMS text messaging not available at this time.

Join our community and receive early access to new features by downloading the Business Communications mobile app, which is available at no additional charge and can be accessed with your Vonage username and password. Data rates may apply depending on your mobile plan.

Get the latest version of the Vonage Business Communications mobile app, available for iPhone and Android: 

iOS App StoreGoogle Play Store

Set Up and Use

Requirements and Installation

System requirements

  • iPhone iOS 10 or higher
  • Android 5.5 (Lollipop) or higher
  • Chrome OS


  1. Go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Search for Vonage Business Communications.
  3. Download and open the app.
  4. Enter your Vonage Business user credentials and then tap LOGIN.

NOTE: The app does not show as a device in your Online Account and does not count toward the extension's three device limit.

Main Menu and Settings

Tap the Menu icon (silhouette in the top left corner) for the following items.

Mute All Devices

Disable inbound calls to all devices associated with your Extension and disables all notifications.

Mute This Device

Incoming calls are not received on the Mobile app but will ring other devices.

Default for new messages

Select the phone number you want new in-app text messages sent from. SMS text messaging coming soon.

Help & Feedback

  • Rate the app.
  • Review FAQs information on using the app.
  • Send us an email to report a problem.
  • Provide feedback on the app.
  • Join our beta community.
  • Link to System Status page to determine if there are current issues with the Vonage service.
  • Run a Network Test to test the quality of the network you are running on.

Settings Image 

Profile View your extension number, direct dial number, and user information.
Call Settings 

Data Calls (iOS) / Outgoing Data Calls (Android)

  • When enabled, outgoing calls are made using your Wi-Fi connection or your mobile data connection (3G/4G/LTE).
  • When disabled, outgoing calls use your mobile voice minutes.

Disable Incoming Calls

When enabled, incoming calls to your Vonage Business extension will not ring through to this device.

Never Miss a Call

Set your extension's Never Miss a Call option for handling calls when you are away from your phone. 


  • Set the ringtone for incoming calls to the app.
  • Set None to stop incoming calls from ringing the app.


  • Enable or disable notification of incoming text messages to any of your business' virtual receptionist lines.
  • Set the default phone number for new messages. 
    • Main auto attendant number
    • Personal business number
    • Ask when creating each new message
  • Set to auto-download media on Wi-Fi and Cellular or never.
*Text message to other in-app users. SMS text messaging will be available soon.

Set your extension's Voicemail options and record voicemail greetings. 

ContactsSync Contacts - Click contacts from your device to make sure they are available on any device you are using.
App Center

Customers can manage, use, and purchase the following apps:

Call RecordingManage and listen to On-Demand Call Recordings.
Call NotesTake notes while on a call.
Amazon ChimeLaunches Amazon Chime (if installed).
NOTE: App Center is only available in iOS.
Text and Call (Audio and Video) from the App
Make a call
User-added image
  • From Calls, tap the telephone icon.
  • From the Keypad, dial the phone number you want to call and then tap the telephone icon.
  • From Contacts, tap the contact and then tap the telephone icon.
3-Way callAdd another person to an active conversation by using the following steps:
  1. Tap Add.
  2. Enter a phone number or select a contact from the directory.
  3. Tap Call if you dialled a number.
  4. Tap Merge.
Transfer a CallUse the following steps to transfer the call:
  1. Tap Transfer.
  2. Select from the following options:
    • Blind Transfer
    • Attended Transfer
    • Transfer to Voicemail
  3. Enter a phone number and then tap the number in the list, or tap a contact from the directory.
    • If you selected Blind Transfer or Transfer to Voicemail, the call is immediately transferred.
    • If you selected Attended Transfer, speak to the transfer recipient and then tap Transfer Now.
Call FlipFlip your call to a desk phone:
  1. Tap the Left Arrow (top left) to return to the dial pad.
  2. Tap the Call Flip icon (top right).
See Call Flip for details.
Make a video call
User-added image

Conduct a video call with another Business Communications mobile app user in your company. Both parties must click the video icon to have two-way video.

  • During an audio call, click the video icon to initiate video contact. 
  • From Recents or Contacts, tap the contact you want to call and then tap the video icon.

NOTE: The Vonage settings under your phone's Settings must allow the app to access the camera.

Send a Text Message
User-added image
  • From Contacts, select a contact and then tap the message icon.
  • From Messages, select an existing message or, to start a new message, tap the message icon.
NOTE:  SMS text messaging is currently unavailable. Text messaging to and from in-app users only.
Send a Group Text Message

Group messaging is available to other extensions on your account.

  1. From Messages, tap the edit icon.
  2. Tap the new group icon at the top. 
  3. Enter a name for your message.
  4. Select contacts for your message and then tap Create
Share an Image

Attach an image to a text message with other Vonage Business Communications mobile app users on your account.

  • Select an image from your device's library of images or snap a photo and send right from the app.
  • Images received are automatically downloaded to your device. This can be changed in Settings.
Manage Voicemail
  1. Tap the Voicemail icon.
  2. Tap a message for options to play or delete.
Manage Contacts
Filter contact list

Go to Contacts and then tap All or Company.

Add contacts
  • Go to Contacts and tap the new contact icon at the top. 
  • Go to Settings and then Contacts to sync all or select contacts from your address book. 
Manage Call Block

You can block calls in the call log by pressing the Block Number button.

NOTE: Calls can only be blocked if Allow this user to set Call Blocking rules for their extension(s) is enabled in the user's profile.

Clear Call Log


Use the following steps to clear the call log:

  1. Go to the call log and swipe down to see the Clear Call Log button.
  2. Press Clear Call Log and then press Delete.


Use the following steps to clear the call log, or clear a single entry:
All CallsGo to the call log and press the Trash icon.
Single CallPress and hold the number you want to clear and then press Delete this Call Log.


Logging in to the App

I am a new customer who has just signed in to the app for the first time. My status is gray and I cannot make calls. Why is that?

Your Vonage account might not have been activated yet. It can take 24 hours or more before the account is activated. Your account admin will receive an email when the account is active. 

I have forgotten my username or password. How do I recover them?

  • Username: The username is case sensitive so be sure you entered it correctly. Your username was sent to you in the New User Account email you received from donotreply@vonagebusiness.co.uk.com when your account was created. 
  • Password: Click Forgot your password from the login screen in the app. You will need your username and the answer to your security question to reset your password using this link. If you have not yet set your security question, ask your account admin to send you a reset password email from the web admin portal. When you have successfully reset your password, be sure to sign in to the web portal to create a security question.

How do I change my username or password?

  • To change your password, sign in to the web portal and click Edit Profile Settings. You can also ask your account admin to send you a reset password email from the web admin portal.
  • You cannot change your username.

Why am I getting an error when I try to sign in that says I need an admin to assign me an extension?

Mobile app users need an extension assigned to them. Contact your account admin and ask them to assign a phone extension to you so that you can use the mobile app.

Why am I getting "trouble signing you in" error when I try to sign in?

You will get this error if we are having technical issues. Try to sign in again in a few minutes.

How many mobile devices can be signed in at the same time by the same user on the same extension?

You can be signed in on a maximum of five mobile devices at the same time. If you sign in on a 6th device, one of the other devices will be logged out by the system. Note, however, that only two calls can be placed at the same time. 

Why was I automatically logged out of the app by the system?

There are several reasons the system would have logged you out.

  • You signed in as the same user with the same extension on more than five devices.
  • Your password was changed.
  • Your extension was moved to a different user.
Muting and Notifications

How do I stop incoming calls from ringing on the app or silent the app during off hours?

By default, incoming calls will ring all devices (mobile phone, desk phone, etc.) simultaneously. To stop incoming calls from ringing your mobile device, you have several options.

  • Under Settings, tap Call Settings and turn on Disable Incoming Calls. This device will not receive incoming calls through the app and will not receive missed call notifications. Missed calls will show in the call log.
  • Under Settings, tap Call Settings, click Ringtone and select None. This device will receive incoming calls but there will be no ring. 
  • To silence all devices, which could be useful during off hours, turn on Mute All Devices. All calls will go to voicemail and missed call notifications will not display.
  • Forward incoming calls. Under Settings, tap Call Settings, tap Never Miss a Call and select Forward all Calls. Tap the Settings icon to set the phone number to forward all calls to. 

What happens if I disable notifications for Business Communications from the mobile device's iOS or Android settings?

  • iOS: You will not receive incoming calls to the app and notifications will be suppressed.
  • Android: You will receive incoming calls to the app, but notifications will be suppressed.
  • For both iOS and Android, you will see new voicemails and incoming calls when you open the app.
Making and Receiving Calls

When does the mobile app ring?

By default, when there is an incoming call, all devices on that extension (desk phone, desktop app, mobile device) ring simultaneously. You can disable incoming calls from ringing your mobile device or set the ringtone to None if you do not want incoming calls to ring your mobile device.

Can I delete call logs?

No. This option is not available.

Can I block numbers from ringing the mobile app?

Blocking specific phone numbers is currently available only through your Online Account. If you do not have this option, ask your account admin to give you access to set call block rules for your extension.

How can I set my outbound Caller ID?

Currently, your outbound Caller ID can only be set in your online account.

Why can't I make an international call?

If you have permission to make international calls, you should be able to. If you are uncertain, ask your account admin. Be sure that you are correctly dialling the international phone number: 0011 + country code + area or city code + number

Why am I not receiving incoming calls to the app or incoming calls are not ringing the app? 

Try calling the app when it is running in the foreground. If that does work, check the following.

  • Your phone is connected to the internet.
  • Your account is active. Try to make an outgoing call and check that your avatar Avatar status is not grey.
  • Confirm Mute All DevicesMute This Device, and Disable Incoming Calls is disabled.
  • Confirm that incoming calls are enabled under Call Settings.
  • Check Never Miss a Call settings to confirm incoming calls are not being directed elsewhere.
  • Confirm the Ringtone is not set to None.
  • iOS system settings - Confirm that Notifications -> Vonage is enabled.

iOS - How can I tell if an incoming call to my iPhone is a business call coming through the Business Communications app or a private call?

The Business Communications app is integrated into the iOS CallKit. This means an incoming Business Communications call will look like a private call and respond to standard interface behaviour. However, it will display Vonage Business Communications Audio/Video when the phone rings. Note that if you forwarded your business calls to your private cell number, this message will not display.

Why do I get a Missed Call Notification when I answer the call on another device?

This is the current behaviour of the app. However, the call log does mark the call as answered.

Why don't I see the Caller ID of an incoming call?

You should always see the Caller ID for phone numbers listed in your contacts. Phone numbers that are not in your contacts are considered unknown numbers.  

Why do I see Limited Network Availability message when I am on a call? 

The Business Communications app continuously monitors the quality of your calls and your data connection. This message displays when we detect poor network connectivity on either side of the call. Most of the time, the issue is intermittent and resolves itself. However, if you get this message consistently, try the following.

  • Switch to another network.
  • Call from a different location. 
  • Contact your ISP to check the quality of your internet connection.
  • Run the Network Test Tool for more information on the quality of your connection.

What are the different Voicemail greetings?

  • Unavailable - Plays when you do not answer the call.
  • Busy - Plays if you are on another call, decline a call, or have enabled Mute This Device.
  • Out of Office - Plays when you enable Out of Office under Voicemail settings. This greeting takes precedence over Busy and Unavailable greetings.
  • Name - This is used when a caller tries to reach your extension using the Virtual Receptions Dial by Name option.

What does the Out of Office option under Voicemail settings do?

When you enable this option, your Out of Office greeting plays when a caller reaches your voicemail. The Out of Office greeting takes precedence over Busy and Unavailable greetings.

Contacts and Presence

What are the different contact types in the app?

  • Company contacts - Users/extensions on your company account.
  • Address book/phone contacts - Contacts local to your device.
  • Cloud/My Contacts - Contacts that you synced into your Vonage Business account and available from any Business Communications client (mobile and desktop).

How do I manage all my business contacts?

It is recommended that you import (Sync) local contacts from your address book to make them available across all your devices. You can sync an individual contact or sync multiple contacts from Settings -> Contacts -> Sync Phone Contacts.

Why do I see duplicate contacts?

Every time you sync the same contact, or multiple contacts, to your account, a new contact entry is created. 

How do I delete a company contact?

Only the account admin can remove a user. This is done in the Online Account.

What are the coloured status indicators?

The red and green circles indicate the presence status for company contacts. Red indicates a user is on a call or has enabled Mute This Device. Green indicates the contact's line is available.

If your presence is grey, it indicates that we are having trouble connecting you to your account. The account may not be activated yet or there is an issue with your network connection.

Beta Community and Feedback

What is the Beta Community program?

The Beta program gives Vonage Business Communications users early access to new releases of the Business Communications mobile app before it goes public. Participants in the Beta program have the opportunity to try out new and improved features, providing feedback to us so we can build an even better app.

How do I sign up for the Beta Community program?

  1. Go to Help & Feedback and then Join Our Beta (Android) / Join Our Community (iOS).
  2. Enter the email address you use for the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  3. Click Join.
  4. You will get a reply through Help & Feedback -> Feedback
    iOS users will get an invitation to TestFlight from Apple.

How do I leave the Beta program?

Send Leave through Help & Feedback -> Feedback.

How do I provide feedback or make a suggestion?

Go to Help & Feedback -> Feedback. Share your feedback and suggestions. We will get back to you. Note that this option is not for reporting an issue you might be having with the app or your service. 

I made a great suggestion, Why isn’t it in the app?

A lot of thought and planning goes into updating the app and we actively listen and give consideration to all feedback. While we can easily make small changes, many suggestions require much more work. Sometimes there are higher priorities, such as critical bug fixes. We appreciate your understanding that we cannot always make the changes our customers suggest and hope you will continue to provide your feedback.

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